“I signed up for your on-demand seminar (Oral Boards Made Easy) during the Spring and it helped me a lot. I tested for lieutenant and I was number one on the promotional list! Thank you for your help!”

– Promoted to Lieutenant in California

Thanks for visiting my blog page

This page and the posted blogs are primarily designed to help you understand what is necessary to succeed at your promotion oral assessment. You will find a combination of oral board answer video demonstrations for a variety of ranks as well as a compilation of practical oral assessment knowledge pieces to help demystify the oral assessment process.

In creating this page for you I have sought to highlight contemporary topics as well as those that have been asked for decades. It is important to keep in mind that although I provide answer demonstrations based on rank, that does not mean the same topic may not show up at another rank. For example, leadership is relevant at every rank. As a matter of fact, the whole premise of Oral Boards Made Easy is that there are categories that are covered at nearly every level of promotion. That is why the Oral Boards Made Easy process works for multiple ranks.

If there are topics for which you are seeking information that I have not yet covered in these blog posts, please use the About / Contact page to let me know the topic / question for which you are seeking an answer.