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For many good officers police promotion oral board questions or assessment center exercises seem more like an obstacle than an opportunity.

That’s because, no matter how good you are at your police job, police oral boards and assessment centers only care about how you perform on that day. And too often, the answers they are seeking are not the same behaviors that you see in the workplace.

“I had my promotional interview today and I believe I nailed it!! Your program was absolutely instrumental to my strong interview performance.”

When I was trying to memorize police sergeant oral board scenario questions and answers, I recognized a pattern. Then, instead of concentrating on each detail of each procedure or writing endless police sergeant oral board questions and answers, I applied the pattern and it helped me recall all of the steps.

While I did not know it then, that was the beginning of Oral Boards Made Easy™. I applied what I developed at my oral board for sergeant and when the dust cleared, I was in the number 1 position of the 220 officers and detectives who had participated in the promotion process.

Oral Boards Made Easy™ has evolved over the years so that it covers the major elements of police promotion oral boards for the ranks of corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, and captain.

This on-demand seminar gives you access to instructional videos and a downloadable guide to provide you with all of the information formerly provided in my live, full-day program.  


There are ample success tips throughout the course that have been developed and refined over the years.

But mostly, it is my list of nine proprietary acronyms that – once learned – can be used to provide in-depth responses to the most commonly asked categories of police oral board questions.

Those commonly asked police promotion oral board question categories are:

Ethics. Covered in Module 9.

Leadership. Covered in Module 10.

Delegation. Covered in Module 11.

Community Policing. Covered in Module 12.

Planning and Organizing. Covered in Module 13.

Discipline. Covered in Module 14.

Performance Counseling. Covered in Module 15.

Conflict Resolution. Covered in Module 16.

Situations / Critical Incidents. Covered in Module 17.

Ethics. Covered in Module 9.

Leadership. Covered in Module 10.

Delegation. Covered in Module 11.

Community Policing. Covered in Module 12.

Planning and Organizing. Covered in Module 13.

Discipline. Covered in Module 14.

Performance Counseling. Covered in Module 15.

Conflict Resolution. Covered in Module 16.

Situations / Critical Incidents. Covered in Module 17.

Learning oral board answer acronyms for police oral board question categories makes more sense. It is the “easy” in Oral Boards Made Easy™

“I had my oral board yesterday. I did extremely well and a lot is in part to your course. The acronyms you’ve developed are a huge help. I received a lot of very positive feedback from the board.”

What else should you know for your police oral board?

It is very important that you are prepared to ‘sell yourself’ to your police oral board or assessment center. Of course, appearance, body language, and behaviors will be part of the impact that you have, but you should be prepared to go further.

Opening and Closing Statements

If you will have an opportunity for an opening or closing statement you should capitalize on that opportunity. If you are not sure if this will occur, prepare for it anyway just in case the police oral board gives you that opportunity. Do not underestimate the impact of these statements. You will want to be sure that it puts you in the best light and showcases your competency to serve at the next rank. Covered in Module 4.

Knowledge of current police topics

Beyond the category acronyms you should also be well versed on police-related and police supervisor-related issues that are relevant to the position that you are seeking. Some of this will come from books, some from rules and regulations, and others from laws, articles, and court decisions. Make a list of these topics and corresponding bullet points so that you can address them if asked of you by the oral board raters. Links to nearly 200 police topics are included with this on-demand seminar. Covered in Module 7.

Experiential Questions

If the panel asks you to tell them about a challenging experience that you have had in the past, do not wait until your oral board to try to think of one. Start thinking now of ethical challenges you have faced, difficult decisions that you have had to make, times when you have contributed to your police department at a higher level, etc. Then formulate a strong experience to share as well as the positive outcome that occurred. Covered in Module 6.

Interview Questions

Many processes have a chief’s interview or commissioner’s interview that occurs after the police oral board but prior to the final promotion selection being made. These interviews are often less technical and more abstract. Questions such as “strengths and weaknesses” or “loyalty” may appear in these interviews. Again, be prepared to speak to your readiness and commitment to serve your agency at the next level. Covered in Module 5.

“I am pleased to inform you that I was the top scorer in my Department’s Assessment Center testing process!! I purchased the one month Oral Board Videos which definitely helped me achieve my goal. All the videos were a valuable asset for me in preparation for the Assessment Center. The leadership information along with the critical incident response video were right on point. Furthermore, your emphasis on the importance of Organization and Community coming first also helped me greatly in the process.”

How can Oral Boards Made Easy™ help you?

In addition to covering the content described above, Oral Boards Made Easy™ is a method that focuses on your development to be your best at your police promotion oral board or assessment center for the ranks of corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, or captain.

In this online streaming version of Oral Boards Made Easy™ you will receive access to 20 videos that you can watch repeatedly as you are going through your oral board preparation. You will also have a downloadable action guide that will guide you through the various exercises to customize your plan, build your opening and closing statements, and facilitate the recall of the course information. Lastly, you will have hyperlinks to over 190 potential police oral board topics to help simplify your research.

“Wow, best money I ever spent! Thank you, the videos and reading material were all very useful and I scored #1 on the list. I was sworn in for my new role and took over my shift right before Thanksgiving. I can not say enough on how this program helped me score #1 on the list! I was able to apply everything I learned from this program and answer everything that was asked on the board with ease!! Again thank you for creating this program it’s worth a lot more!”

Does the Oral Boards Made Easy™ method really work?

See for yourself. Here are the results that I achieved:

#1 on sergeant promotion list: police oral board process. (220 Competitors)

#1 on lieutenant promotion list: police oral board process. (40 Competitors)

#1 on captain promotion list: police oral board process. (18 Competitors)

#1 on assistant chief promotion list: police assessment center process. (12 Competitors)

Here’s what you get:

You will receive Finest’s proprietary, easy to recall answer acronyms to help simplify your preparation and strengthen your overall police oral board or assessment center performance. You will have 24/7 streaming access so you can prep on your terms and at your pace. And for as long as you are enrolled, you can watch the demonstration and tutorial videos over and over again until you have it down pat.

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The viewing of the course modules can be completed in approximately 4 hours. Supplemental research and repeat practice are both highly recommended and should be factored into your total preparation time.

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