Corporal Promotion“I completed your online course and I felt much more confident going into both my oral board and chiefs interview. Small things like “visiting” and other engagement techniques to important factors like a well composed and rehearsed opening statement set the stage for a productive interview. Through adequate preparation by studying applicable law and policy coupled with your course earned me a 90% on the oral board, placed me in the number one position, and earned me my promotion. I am proud to say that I will be sworn into the rank of corporal in September

-Promoted to Corporal in Connecticut

Sergeant PromotionI just wanted to say thank you for your program. I owned that assessment center! My Chief said that he’s never seen scores that high in his career. I left my rank of Detective and now I am a Sergeant. I will definitely be back in a few years when a Lieutenant position opens up.” 

-Promoted to Sergeant in Michigan

“Just wanted to pass on…that I’m getting promoted to Sergeant in the fall. I credit you and your online program for helping me get there. I’ve passed your site and contact information to others who will be preparing for next year’s testing process.”

–Promoted to Sergeant in Illinois

“I’m taking a moment to update you on my Sergeant’s oral exam that I took last year in April. I’m happy to report that I made the top 10 candidates and I got promoted to Sergeant in August. I truly believe your program helped me to excel and stand out during the interview.”

-Promoted to Sergeant in California

Lieutenant Promotion“If you are looking for a well designed assessment / oral interview study program this is the one. The program is very reasonably priced, so don’t risk your career watching free videos or just reading articles on line. If you’re serious about getting promoted, invest in your career and use The Oral Boards Made Easy program. It will help you get promoted.”

-Promoted to Lieutenant in Massachusetts

After taking the Lts. test 4 times [3 before your course], I am finally number 1! List was just released! Thank you for this program and the additional tips.

-Promoted to Lieutenant in Maryland

“I signed up for your on-demand seminar (Oral Boards Made Easy) during the Spring and it helped me a lot. I tested for lieutenant and I was number one on the promotional list! Thank you for your help!”

-Promoted to Lieutenant in California

Captain Promotion“After speaking with you I signed up for your Oral Boards Made Easy online training. Well the results are in.  Bill, after the written test I was sitting #48 on our department’s Captain list, and after the assessment center I moved up 42 spots to the overall #6 position.  On top of that, I had the highest overall assessment center score out of 58 candidates.  Our Captain’s list is good for two years and I anticipate getting promoted to Captain in the first quarter of next year.  I truly believe I would not have done so well but for the Oral Boards Made Easy online training.  I used the BELIEVE and RIGHT acronyms for two out of the three exercises, which were perfectly related for the exercises we were given.  I also watched your demo videos where you give sample presentations which were instrumental in my success.  Needless to say everyone was blown away with my results and wanted to know my secret. Bill, I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know that the money was worth every penny I spent with Finests.”

-Promoted to Captain in Texas

“I just wanted to reach out and let you know that after completing and studying your program, I was selected as the next Sergeant for my agency. I want to say thank you and want to reiterate that your program is amazing!”  Promoted to Sergeant in Illinois

“Wow, best money I ever spent! Thank you, the videos and reading material were all very useful and I scored #1 on the list. I was sworn in for my new role and took over my shift right before Thanksgiving. I can not say enough on how this program helped me score #1 on the list! I was able to apply everything I learned from this program and answer everything that was asked on the board with ease!! Again thank you for creating this program it’s worth a lot more!”

“I am pleased to inform you that I was the top scorer in my Department’s Assessment Center testing process!! I purchased the one month Oral Board Videos which definitely helped me achieve my goal. All the videos were a valuable asset for me in preparation for the Assessment Center. The leadership information along with the critical incident response video were right on point. Furthermore, your emphasis on the importance of Organization and Community coming first also helped me greatly in the process.”

“I wanted to write and say Thank You for putting this program together. This was my 4th time taking my Sgts Exam. All of my past attempts have been good (ranking 3 or 4), but I have always been so nervous about the Oral Board. I never felt prepared or knew how to answer the questions professionally and I am horribly nervous during any type of public speaking. 1 week prior to my oral board I found and purchased your E-learning Oral Board class, trying anything to help myself. What a difference! I went into the test feeling confident that I could answer any question they gave me confidently, competently, and completely. Turns out my department completely changed the way they administered the oral board and it was now rapid fire. I was not phased, and was still able to use all of the acronyms taught in the program in a condensed version. I am happy to say I have placed #1 on my Sgt promotion list!”  -Promoted to Sergeant in Illinois

“I had my promotional interview today and I believe I nailed it!! Your program was absolutely instrumental to my strong interview performance.”

“I had my oral board yesterday. I did extremely well and a lot is in part to your course. The acronyms you’ve developed are a huge help. I received a lot of very positive feedback from the board.”

“I initially used your study guide as a supplement to my prior studying habits. After I reviewed your material I soon realized your preparation course would wholly replace my previous efforts and I eagerly adopted your methodology. As a result, I was promoted in the first round. Thank you sir”

“I want to thank you for your Oral Boards Made Easy online seminar. With your help and the tools provided in the seminar, I was able to score #1 in my Sergeant’s examination. I was the first person taken off the board and finally promoted to Sergeant. I can’t thank you enough for the service you have provided for those of us looking to advance their career. Tenure and experience alone are insufficient in preparation for today’s assessment center promotional examinations. Your course filled a huge gap and provided the valuable information needed to separate from my competitors. Thanks again!! -Promoted to Sergeant in California”