How can the Oral Boards Made Easy™ On-Demand Seminar work for multiple ranks?

The Oral Boards Made Easy™ concepts worked for me multiple times, which is why I believe in its design and content. Of course, corporal and captain questions are very likely to be different, but that does not mean the core elements change much. My Oral Boards Made Easy™ On-Demand Seminar acronyms are built on those core elements.

How can one course work for any agency?

Police agencies across the United States – for the most part – are trained in a similar manner and perform similar tasks. Candidates certainly benefit from knowing applicable laws and department regulations, but the core functions remain mostly the same.

Will the Oral Boards Made Easy™ On-Demand Seminar work for assessment centers as well as oral boards?

Yes. There will likely be one main difference at some point(s) in your assessment center, and that is when you have to perform the steps rather than just saying them. A good example is the performance meeting role play exercise. For this, my performance counseling acronym works beautifully. However, instead of reciting the steps the way you would to an oral panel, in this case you will behaviorally demonstrate those same acronym elements. If your assessment center has a structured interview, the Oral Boards Made Easy™ On-Demand Seminar should be a great asset to you.

Are there questions for which you do not provide acronyms?

Yes, because there is a near infinite number of possible questions that may be asked of you. That’s why my approach focuses on categories of questions rather than specific questions. When you identify the category and apply the relevant acronym, your preparation is made “easy”. Conversely, there are many, many unique questions that may be asked at any process, for example: “What are the six pillars in the President’s Task Force Report on 21st Century Policing?”. While I do not have an acronym for such a specific question, my course does have nearly 200 hyperlinks to find topic information quickly on contemporary police topics, including the six pillars. Having that type of shortcut can be a tremendous timesaver for you as you do your research.

What is the difference between Oral Boards Made Easy™ coaching and the the Oral Boards Made Easy™ On-Demand Seminar?

The main differences are in intensity, feedback, and cost. Like in sports, a coach helps you raise your performance so you are at your best. This is done by evaluating where you are, helping you identify the changes needed to help you grow, and then evaluating again to be sure you improved. If you are a “do it yourselfer”, the Oral Boards Made Easy™ On-Demand Seminar will provide you with all of the same core information as Oral Boards Made Easy™ coaching at a much lower cost. However, if you know that coaching is what you need to succeed, the only person providing Oral Boards Made Easy™ coaching is retired Chief Thomas Grimaldi of Four Star Consulting, LLC

Does the On-Demand Seminar have in-basket and written exercises?

As the name Oral Boards Made Easy™ On-Demand Seminar suggests, this program is built around your success in oral assessments such as oral panel exams, oral interviews, and oral assessment exercises. For a great resource on guidance for written assessment center exercises, check out the services at

What is the difference between the Silver, Gold, and Platinum access levels?

The content is identical in each access level of the Oral Boards Made Easy™ On-Demand Seminar, the two main differences are in the length of time that you can access the On-Demand Seminar and the cost. The cost per day of access drops significantly with the Gold and Platinum levels to the point where Platinum access only costs 55 cents per day for ongoing, repeat access to this On-Demand Seminar. 

I have a written exam before my oral assessment, when should I start the On-Demand Seminar?

There are several factors that I suggest you consider. (1) How much time do you have between the written exam and the oral assessment? (2) What level of difficulty do you need to overcome to be your best? (3) What type of preparation works best for you? If you prefer to cram, are a confident public speaker, and have less than 30 days between your written exam and the oral assessment, my Silver Access course should meet your needs just fine. It takes a little over 4 hours to view all of the videos in the Oral Boards Made Easy™ On-Demand Seminar, although you should allow more time to commit the acronyms to memory and practice a variety of responses. If you prefer a more gradual approach to your development, the Gold and Platinum course will allow you to have a less hurried preparation process. By the way, excellent online exams to get you to peak readiness for your written exam can be found at

Does it matter who is designing and delivering the oral assessment for my department?

Over the years the Oral Boards Made Easy™ method has been applied successfully in a large variety of processes. These include assessment centers by national companies, such as I/O Solutions, Morris & McDaniel, PSI (formerly E.B Jacobs), as well as processes developed by smaller companies or those developed by a department in-house. The Oral Boards Made Easy™ On-Demand Seminar is a very versatile course.

Do you stand behind your Oral Boards Made Easy™ On-Demand Seminar?

ABSOLUTELY! If you have any concerns that develop while you are enrolled, I want to know. I have been helping police professionals achieve their promotions for nearly 2 decades, something that I would never have been able to achieve if I did not have a solid product that I stand behind 100%

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