Police Lieutenant Interview Questions – Weingarten and Garrity Answer Demo

Police Lietutenant Oral Assessment

GET PROMOTED! Start Your Seminar Right Now! Among police lieutenant interview questions, it’s important to know the Weingarten, Garrity and Loundermill rulings. As a lieutenant you are stepping into management, albeit in many agencies, mid-management. The biggest shift is in the area of administrative tasks for which you will be responsible. In order to be […]

Police Oral Board Closing Statement Demonstration Video

police oral board closing statement

GET PROMOTED! Start Your Seminar Right Now! The Oral Board Closing Statement Typically, there are two types of police oral board closing statements. One brief and the other more detailed. Further along in this blog I will give you a demonstration of the brief closing statement for candidates testing at the captain rank. As you saw […]

How to prepare for your police captain oral board

How to prepare for the Police Captain Oral Board

OK, you’re preparing for your police captain oral board. Expect the gloves to come off. You are not a novice. You have elevated yourself from officer to sergeant to lieutenant. The basics of oral boards are familiar to you. You have been through those challenges and have succeeded. So how can they increase the difficulty […]

Police Lieutenant Oral Board vs. Sergeant Oral Board: How they differ.

Police Lieutenant Oral Board

Answer as a manager at your lieutenant oral board There is a natural order to the world and there is a natural order to oral board preparation.  With rare exceptions, we advance in police positions one step at a time.  This series of articles represent the progression of responsibilities that each law enforcement position holds.  […]

The Sergeant’s Oral Board: Preparing to be #1

sergeant's oral board

GET PROMOTED! Start Your Seminar Right Now! To achieve promotion success, you should think of your sergeant’s oral board or interview as a goal oriented performance. Think of your last trip to the firearms range.  There was a target for you to hit with a clear x ring, bull’s eye, or some other marker that […]