Police Sergeant Oral Board Answers

Police Sergeant Oral Board Opening Statement – Minimal Experience

Police Sergeant Oral Board Answers

Police Sergeant Oral Board Opening Statement - Minimal Experience:
“Tell us about the education, training, and work experience that has prepared you to be a sergeant?”

When it comes to the police sergeant oral board opening statement you want to stand out among your competition. This can be easy for the candidate who has advanced degrees and served in a multitude of specialized assignments. But what about the top notch police officer who has only worked in patrol, how can that person stand out among the competition? There are several ways to set yourself apart with the Police Sergeant Oral Board Opening Statement response. Before I demonstrate, I will stress that whatever you include into your experience statement must be honest. The three areas that are normally covered are Education, Training, and Experience. If you do not have a college education, you cannot mention it. However, if time allows, I would recommend that you enroll in college prior to your oral assessment. At least that will allow you to mention that you are enrolled, the degree you are pursuing, and your expected graduation date. Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to attend training beyond mandatory in-service classes. If not, consider mentioning training that you attended on your own prior to joining the police department, especially if it is relevant to policing or supervision. As for experience, this is where you want to add details to your assignments and accomplishments so they do not sound weak. Watch the demonstration video to see how I deliver in each of these areas.

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Police Sergeant Oral Board Opening Statement - Minimal Experience

“I was drawn to public service at an early age. My parents instilled in me the importance of contributing to my community through volunteer service. This led to me receiving Emergency Medical Service training starting when I was a freshman in high school. I progressed in this training over time and eventually achieved the designation of Emergency Medical Technician. With this designation, and while still in High School, I became a member of my town’s volunteer ambulance service.

Also, while in high school, I was a member of the junior varsity, and then varsity, baseball and basketball teams and was selected to be the team captain of the latter.

After graduating from high school I chose to immerse myself in my career. The owner of the gym where I had been training approached me and asked if I wanted to assist him with administrative and technical tasks. I took that job and quickly learned the ins and outs of small business management. I found this hands-on training to be extremely valuable. I continued in that job until attaining my ultimate goal of being hired as a police officer with this department 7 years ago.

As with all new hires, I attended the regional police academy and graduated third in my class of 60 recruits. I was also selected by my peers to be a squad leader and I achieved the class physical fitness award.

After completing my field training program I was assigned to the evening shift. This is the busiest shift in our department and although I have been eligible to get assigned to the day shift, I feel that I can contribute at a higher level on evenings. At first opportunity I applied to be a field training officer. To be accepted for that position I needed to submit a letter of intent to the chief of police and then progress through two oral boards, one conducted by patrol supervisors and a second by members of the command staff. Of the 7 of us who applied at that time, I was the only one selected. I attended a one-week field training officer class in a neighboring city which taught me a great deal about training, leadership and supervision. To date, I have served as the primary field training officer for 5 new officers and I am proud to say that each of them have excelled in their careers.

I have been formally recognized by my department on 3 separate occasions for commendable performance. Two of those awards were Life Saving Awards. The first of those was for performing CPR on a heart attack victim who ultimately survived their attack and the second was for pulling an unconscious driver from a burning car after a collision. Again, the operator survived with minimal injuries. The third award was a Distinguished Service Award for disarming an armed suicidal individual in possession of a large knife. Using the deescalation techniques that I had been taught, I was able to convince that person to discard the knife and seek treatment.

In addition to the FTO training that I mentioned, I have also attended training on narcotics interdiction, Basic and Advanced Accident Investigation, and Crisis Intervention Training. Lastly, I have been a member of our department’s Peer Support Group for the past 3 years, providing guidance and counseling to officers in need.

I believe my hands on education in small business operations, my training in both field services and interpersonal interactions, and my experience in a quasi-supervisory role as a field training officer have well prepared me to serve this agency at the rank of sergeant and I am very eager to do so.”

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